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Smart Krampus 3PC malware – iPhone user’s at risk

When comes about security there is no doubt that the IOS is a more secure platform than other operating system but if talk we talk in terms of cybersecurity there is nothing which is perfectly secure daily there are thousands of bugs and vulnerabilities are discovered and reported.

The Media Trust’s Digital Security & Operations (DSO) team discovered a new malicious campaign that affects iPhone users of over 100 publisher’s websites most of them are UK online newspaper websites and news magazines “Krampus-3PC”.


Whenever iPhone users tried to browse these websites were redirected to a malware advertising campaign via a multistage process.

This malware checks two-phase checks, the first stage is that when a user reaches any of this malware affected website it checks whether the ad was hosted by Adtechstack and the ad was running on a targeted publisher.

In phase two it checks whether the user is an iPhone user or not by finding out graphical vendor was Apple and font style within the browser after that it sends user’s data to a server and executes a payload URL that hijacks the user and pop-up a new tab.

Also, this malware steals user’s cookie session, country, tag, Sandbox presence, webpage local storage data, Adtechstack banner data.

According, to a report The Media Trust has declined to give the names of affected publishers.

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