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Facebook Sues Chinese Firm For Hacking Their Users And Ran Ad Fraud

On Wednesday Facebook filed a lawsuit against Hong Kong-based ILikeAd Media International Company and a software developer Chen Xiao and a marketing director Huang Tao for operating a hacking campaign targeting ad accounts on social networks.

These ads sometimes use fake celebrity endorsement to prompt click and redirect facebook users to their website to buy products violating their ads policies. These improper fraud tactics is called cloaking. They use pics of celebrities on their ads to make people click on their ads.

According to the lawsuit, Cong developed malware for a browser extension which was then shared on websites and forums and Tao distributes the malware.

These malicious extensions could steal a user’s login information and were designed to disable the victim’s security notification. These ads can also trick user’s for their saved credit card information.

Facebook has paid more than $4 million to the victims who were compromised by these hacks. Facebook said they have notified hundred and thousand of people that their account has been compromised.

To protect Facebook users and disrupt these types of schemes, we will continue our work to detect malicious behavior directed towards our platform and enforce against violations of our Terms and Policies

Rob Leather, Facebook’s director of product management

Facebook is currently working on its platform to catch these malicious behavior directed toward their platform to make its platform safer.

Creating real-world consequences for those who deceive users and engage in cloaking schemes is important in maintaining the integrity of our platform.

Rob Leather, Facebook’s director of product management

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