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Xiaomi Surprises Again With it’s FM Radio Power Bank

Just when we think that a piece of tech is complete and saturated, a new out of the box idea comes up and makes us realize that and piece of tech can never be complete. This time it’s in the form of Xiaomi’s new power bank, yes another one after the hand-warmer power bank.

On first look, you will see that it’s just an obsolete old school FM radio, but it’s is not just an FM radio but a 10,000mAh power bank. Yes, Xiaomi has added an FM radio to a power bank, or the other way around, what do you think. After the recent launch of Xiaomi’s warm-up cup with wireless charging, you could assume that the charging technology can’t further escalate into other household items, but that’s Xiaomi for you

Radio Portatil Kenwood

The body is skin-friendly plastic in a portable design. The power bank itself is disguised as an FM radio. Speaking of technical specifications, the power bank has got two USB Type-A ports. According to a report, the power bank can charge electronics at 5V and 2.1A current. It also has a digital display showing the battery percentage. For the FM radio, it has got an on or off switch and a speaker inside of a retro-looking speaker grill

It will be available in three colours-Black, White, and Pink. The price is 138RMB which equals about Rs1408. I can’t wait to see what the next bower bank will include or the other way if you get me.

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