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“OnePlus discloses the Data Breach of its customers!!!” – know more about it.

Recently, OnePlus has announced that its Security Team has found a Data Breach, where OnePlus’s online store has been hacked by hackers. Here the hackers have accessed the information related to its Customers’ Order that has been made by the OnePlus Website.

“We want to update you that we have discovered that some of our users’ order information was accessed by an unauthorized party,” Ziv C, Staff Member, Security Team, OnePlus, wrote in the company forum.

The company informed its users on Friday that the “Payment Information, Passwords, and accounts are safe,” but the information that has been exposed by the unauthorized party includes “Users’ Name, E-mail, Shipping Address, Contact Number.”

This is not the first time for OnePlus to face a data breach, they faced a similar security breach last year, January where the data of 40,000 users were hacked.

What you should know about this data breach?

• According to OnePlus’ FAQ page, “the breach happened last week.”

• OnePlus says, “We took immediate steps to stop the intruder and reinforce security, making sure there are no similar vulnerabilities. Before making this public, we informed our impacted users by email. Right now, we are working with the relevant authorities to further investigate this incident.”

• The company said, “If you don’t get an email from us, rest assured that your order information is safe. However, if you have further concerns, please contact us at Customer Support for assistance.”

• Also, Company ensured that any critical information like “Passwords and Payment details,” are not leaked.

OnePlus said that it’ll work with a security company to safeguard data. They’re also launching a bug bounty program for such cases by the end of December. However, they did not disclose how many users in which parts of the world were affected by this data breach on its website.

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