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Tesla Unveils New Cybertruck; Superb It Is

Tesla unveiled its new Cybertruck and it didn’t go as per the expectations of the people. It’s due to the design which looks like a polygon with wheels, but Elon said that it’s his vision of a Tesla truck and if people don’t like it, Tesla will make a new one with more conventional design.

With that clear let’s move to the specs which are quite good, well it’s Tesla what do you expect. On the stage when the truck came, one of the employees hit the body with a hammer and there was no scratch, which showed the durability of it’s 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel structural skin.

They also showed their Tesla armor glass but it failed in the prototype when tested on stage ending up as a joke. It has six seats, 3 each in front and back with a payload capacity of up to 3500 pounds (1587 Kg). It has got a 17” touchscreen on the dashboard. It has 100 cubic feet of external, lockable storage with utilities like compressed air and onboard power

The Cybertruck comes in three variants with price ranging from $39,900 to $69,900 and $7,000 extra for self-driving support. It can achieve a maximum range of up to 500 miles (805 km) and a 0-60 mph in as little as 2.9 seconds. Full details are below

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