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Microsoft xCloud to take on Google Stadia

Google Stadia created much hype with its cloud streaming platform offering many games, negative latency, 4K streaming and much more. But the recent reviews and details show that it will be launching on 19 November with 12 games only and missing most of the multiplayer and sharing features. Which is creating a bad first impression.

In all the stadia hype Microsoft in its recent event announced Project xCloud which will be launching in 2020. It will have 50 games including many Microsoft exclusive games like Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, Halo 5, etc., while Google’s Stadia will include 44 games in the future. It will also support other accessories such as Sony’s DualShock controller and other brands too, including Razer gamepads. Microsoft seems to be putting more work than Google in their streaming service. Microsoft also said that they are working on an app for iOS devices. They are working with Apple to make it happen fast.

Microsoft’s xCloud is available as a free preview (beta) now in UK, US, and South Korea although it is said to expand in other countries next year which include China, India, Japan, and many West European countries.

It’s a huge market, they know the franchises… they just don’t have access to the franchises that they see on the internet on the devices that they own. They’re going to enter the Xbox ecosystem through a different device, that’s not a console and not a PC.

Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s heading of gaming (To The Verge)

This streaming service is a big opportunity for Microsoft as Xbox is not doing well against its rival PlayStation in India.

I am quite excited about it and wanna try it out as soon as it launches, how much are you

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