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Xiaomi’s Warm Cup is Also a 10W Wireless Charger

Xiaomi has designed an innovative Wireless Warm-Up Cup at INR 2,000 in the Chinese market. The thing that is special in this cup is that it maintains a constant 55-degree Celsius temperature and that too through wireless charging.

The waterproof cup is made up-of Ceramic and is durable and strong too. The cup can be charged simply by putting itself on the charging pad. In a report from Gizmochina, it is noted that you can clean the mug too as it is waterproof. The design is that much good that users will face no burning.

The heating is done with the help of a wireless charging tea coaster and not by resistant-wire heating and thus the conventional method is skipped here. The ceramic cup enters into inactive or sleep mode and stops heating after 4 hours of inactivity.

Now, regarding the charging of your smartphone. You can place your smartphone on the pad or the coaster to charge it wirelessly too. Smartphones from Xiaomi, Samsung, and Huawei that support wireless charging can be supported by the pad too. The pad has a 10W fast charging delivery.

Not only this smart cup, but Xiaomi’s Mijia Sub-brand unveils a new E-book reader. Mijia has uploaded the schematic designs of its upcoming E-book reader on the official Weibo account. The E-book looks quite the same as that of Kindle and there is only one button at the top.

According to a report of NDTV gadgets, it is reported that the reader will be available for crowd-funding from November 20.

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