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Google Camera Can Now Scan And Translate Documents

Google lens for Pixel got a new and better camera. It allows you to scan documents, copy text and translations into foreign languages. The new version of Google Camera 7.2 is recently unveiled.

Google Lens was introduced in Google I/O 2017 that uses computer vision and lets the users’ know what they are looking at. In Pixel 4, you can enjoy the new feature to scan documents.

You can access Google Lens as a standalone interface via Google assistant or by holding the viewfinder of the camera.

In the Google Lens, you will see a small piece of text “Scan document”, on clicking it, it sets the picture to crop it and then you can save it as PDF or desired image. In a report by XDA-Developers, it is mentioned that the new camera supports English, Hindi, German, Spanish, and Japanese as foreign translation languages.

The new features are not yet working on older pixel smartphones as it works on the new neural core that is available in pixel 4 but the feature can debut in older versions of Pixel in upcoming weeks.

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