Facebook Shared Users’ Data With Tinder And Dating Apps :(

A fresh report has come from forensic experts and investigative journalists that Facebook gave special access to users’ data to Tinder and other dating apps. NBC News published all the leaked documents that were shared with Forensic Expert Duncan Campbell.

A total of 7,000 pages including around 4,000 pages containing internal Facebook communications and a bunch of 1,200 marked “Highly Confidential” Leaked documents share the details. The leaked documents are in the public domain now to share the best possible pieces of information.

The documents are a part of the ongoing trial between Facebook and Six4Three, an app that uses Facebook data to find photos of Women in Bikinis.

Facebook made the decision to stop third-party apps from accessing user data — such as friend lists and liked pages — in 2014 and gave most apps until May 2015 to comply to the new policy. Some apps, however, received “whitelist” privileges to continue accessing the data. Tinder was one of them.


While the report from Forbes further includes that Tinder Spokeswomen denied the agreement by saying “Tinder never received special treatment, data or access related to this dispute or its resolution.

The data shows how the company found ways to gather users’ data and ditch their rivals. In order to create leverage in the market, Zuckerberg dealt with Amazon for advertisement and in-return a lot of users’ data to curb the MessageMe app that was creating sensation then.

Leaked documents are all about Facebook’s corporate misconduct, directed at misleading users, closing down competitors and gaining market dominance, swallowing up or killing rivals and minor players.

Duncan Campbell

Zuckerberg such tactics are admired in the documents by Doug Purdy, then Facebook’s director of product who defined Zuck as “Master of Leverage”.

According to a report by Computer Weekly, it is clearly indicated that the document contains original meaningful information that discusses the following important points.

  • How Facebook’s ‘Switcheroo’ design screened schemes to eliminate popular apps?
  • How Facebook hunts on Android Users?
  • How Facebook shared Data for dollars?
  • How 22 times Facebook back-tracked on promises made to save users’ privacy?

You can check out all the leaked documents PDFs by NBC News from here.

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