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DTrack Malware Attacked Indian Nuclear Power Plant

After the recent notification from Kaspersky about the DTrack Malware Samples being found in 15 Indian States Enterprises, It has revealed that Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP) in Tamil Nadu was also affected by the same.

It is horrible to hear that a nuclear power plant security is compromised. DTrack is a RAT that can easily key logs the device and have the ability to upload and download information too.

A security researcher, Pukhraj Singh tweeted a month ago about the security being compromised but no one noticed until MP Shashi Tharoor demanded an explanation via his tweets. After that, In a press release on October 29, the power plant claimed that no such cyber-attack occurred and there is no possibility of cyber attacks.

The “not possible” mentioned in the release is factually incorrect as the Administrative IT Network has been compromised. On October 30, the power plant released another notice disclosing that there happened a cyber attack and one of the PC used in the administrative process was infected from the malware but the critical internal network is safe.

As per experts, hackers from North Korea are unable to gain partial access to the network while it is possible that they can inject the same malware to other PC over the same network and can steal informative data from there.

The government has not revealed until now about the exact data that has been compromised during this earlier-spotted cyber-attack.

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