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Call of duty mobile officially launched today

Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-play first-person shooter game developed by Tencent Games and published by Activision for Android and iOS. It was released as a beta in selected countries in July 2019, and has been officially released on October 1, 2019. It features two in-game curriences, as well as a battle pass.
The game is available on both Android and iOS, and is a rival to PUBG MOBILE.

It has been a few months since Call of Duty came in on Android under the closed beta testing phase and was available only for a short period of time. However, publisher Tencent Games has brought the online multiplayer shooting game to both the Android and iOS platforms. And this time, it will stay forever as it is coming under the stable build.

In an official post via social media, the Call of Duty Mobile team had announced a few days ago that, they will provide the stable version of Call of Duty soon to both Android and iOS platforms. Now, the game is available for download via the Play Store and App Store, and it is there for free. Tencent Games also published that, the game shares its DNA with PUBG MOBILE.

Call of Duty Mobile: What’s new and different compared to PUBG MOBILE

The Game is quite similar to PUBG MOBILE but it offers the online shooting experience with a classic COD-style twist that we have seen previously in the PC.
Players will get to experience many multiplayer modes. The game will offer a choice between ranked or unranked matches. Underneath that, you can choose between classic COD-style missions such as Search and Destroy, Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Domination, Hardpoint and Frontline. Some of the most iconic maps from the PC version such as Crash, Crossfire, Hijacked, Standoff, Killhouse and Firing Range are available for players to fight on.

Similar to PUBG MOBILE, there’s also a battle royale mode in COD Mobile. And as usual, a total of 100 players will jump in an abandoned map together and then fight it out to be last one standing. Players can either be the lone ranger fighting against everyone or they can choose to go out with a group of four.

While playing in a squad of four in the battle royale mode, every player has to choose a role for the character. You can either be the medic taking care of your teammates as well as heal faster than others. As a mechanic, you get to use the cool weapons such as EMP drones, augmented views and more. You can also play as the Clown with a power to summon zombies for protection against enemies. The Scout will help the player to get an idea about the hostile conditions nearby using Sensor Darts and footprint tracking.

The biggest difference between PUBG MOBILE and Call of Duty Mobile is the theme. PUBG MOBILE goes for more survival-themed gameplay whereas Call of Duty goes for the classic COD-style military theme in all of its gameplay modes.

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