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India Will Survey The Whole Nation Using Ai, Drones & Big Data

The herculean task is planned to be completed by 2022 as per the survey of India. The mission is to digitally map the entire nation with a resolution of 10 centimeters, using drones and Artificial Intelligence combined with Big Data machine learning models.

we are equipping Survey of India with the latest technologies like drones, Artificial Intelligence, big data analytics, image processing and continuously operated reference system.

Prof Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, Department of Science and Technology
tech infinite survey of india using artificial intelligence big data and drones

The progress can be seen in Karnataka, Haryana and the Ganga basin region. The data that will be obtained after completion of the project will be made available to Gram Panchayats for use in planning activities.

Various planning activities include lay down railway tracks, road, putting up hospitals, cleaning of rivers, etc.

Prof. Sharma further said that “The entire Ganga basin from the beginning to the end, 25 km from either side of the banks is being mapped with an accuracy of 10 cm.”

Further, he explained why ISRO satellite images can’t help with this project by insisting that they are designing the map and high-resolution images are very important with that reference making drones to be the best choice over satellite images.

The time of the digital map has come and it will be totally different from conventional GPS as GPS has an accuracy of a few metres while the digital map will have an accuracy of 10 cm.

India is investing in new technologies now and very soon the nation will set a benchmark in the new era of tech with growing technocrats.

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