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Apple A13 is 50% Faster than Snapdragon 855+ & Kirin 980

Recently, On iPhone 11 launch event, Apple claimed that its A13 Bionic processor is up-to 50% faster than snapdragon 855+ and Kirin 980 processors. The claims are going to be true as we spotted the listing on Geekbench.

The new A13 processor used in Apple’s iPhone 11 has 8.6 billion transistors. 

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The single-core score is 5472 while the multi-core score is 13769. The device listed as iPhone 12,3. In comparison with Samsung’s Exynos 9825, that powers Galaxy S10 and S10+ scores just 4.532 and 10,431 in single-core and multi-core respectively.

According to a report from Apple Insider, The A13 is made up of many sections, but the main three are the CPU, GPU, and the Neural Engine. The CPU consists of two performance cores and four efficiency cores, with each used depending on the workload. The GPU contains four Metal-optimized cores, while the Neural Engine contains eight more.

The chip is faster, efficient and 20% faster than its preceding A12 with 6.9 billion transistors making A13 chip one of a kind. It is unique in itself!

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