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World’s Smartest Person’s Account Hacked

No doubt, the smartest person in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is the iron man. He created the smartest AI Jarvis, created iron man suit, found a way to time travel. But now his account has been hacked. Yeah, I am telling this is true. the person who played the iron man in MCU movies, Robert Downey Jr’s Instagram account has been hacked.

Cover image by techinfinite

Today, the Instagram account of his had a fake story added to giveaway 2000 free iPhone XS. 

Screenshot of Downey’s account by techinfinite

Yeah, you read it right. This is simply fake as he is currently the brand ambassador of OnePlus and not related to Apple. 

Screenshot of scam story by techinfinite

Besides, the same type of Instagram story was posted on popular gaming YouTuber Ninja, when his account was also hacked earlier.

this amount of giveaway is simply not possible unless someone wants to be bankrupt.

One iPhone XS now costs between ₹99,000 to ₹1,35,000. So, 2000* 1.35L =27,00,00,000 (₹ 27 crore ). 

This is simply a scam to collect the details of the simple minded person who will type all their details in the link given below the post.

Update: the Downey’s account was now under control and the post has now removed.

Posts of persons who became suspicious by techinfinite

So, don’t trust this type of scams and before typing your details in any website, just think about it logically.

Be safe, be secure.

Kashish Nagpal

I am a tech geek. I constantly wonder in the cyber space looking for the news for U.

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