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Charging cable can hack your device

OMG charging cable can hack device

Imagine you plug a charging / lighting cable into your PC to transfer files. All seems totally fine and

Suddenly the terminal of your PC opens and starts executing commands or malicious codes. 


A hacker who goes by the online handle (alias) name MG(Mike Grover) at DEFCON 2019 showed how to hack a PC with just lightning or charging cable. He called it the OMG cable and looks almost identical to the original iPhone charging or lightning cable.

What is OMG cable?

He took an iPhone lightning or charging cable and successfully inserted a small enables implant in it. Once connected or plugged inside the PC, it enables the hacker to run commands or even malicious codes on the PC. 


All the hacker has to do is to replace your original lighting or charging cable and replace it with OMG cable and waits until victim will insert it into PC.  

Then the hacker can run commands or malicious (also predefined) scripts within the Wi-Fi’s range. He can also send the victim to a fake phishing website. Hacker, even can remotely lock the computer promoting the user to type password and Hacker can stole it.

Major threat

MG said that he chose the apple cable first as they are the most difficult to implant. He chooses or to be his first Apple cable to demonstrate his hacking abilities. He said he can even implant on other values also.

MG said that it was his personal project and spent thousands of dollars on it. It took him about 4 hours to make 1 OMG cable. He also sell these cables for about ₹15K. He will work on future to improve and extend the OMG cable’s abilities.

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