WiFi 6: newer, faster and more reliable

WiFi 6 is the next-era of wireless technology. It is based on the IEEE 802.11ax standard. It provides better coverage, capacity and performance. As to be expected it is faster than previous WiFi. It is a platform for various old and new applications. It has higher bandwidth and low latency. Wi-Fi 6 has a speed of 9.5 Gbps, more than WiFi 5 with only 3.5 Gbps. However, it is also backward compatible with previous WiFi.

wifi 6

Features of Wi-Fi 6:

  • It has higher bandwidth, enabling more devices to be connected.
  • Wi-Fi 6 has high data rates at a given range, therefore increasing network capacity.
  • It is more power efficient.
  • It has low latency for high demanding environment.

Whats new!!

Wi-Fi 6 is more fast and efficient. The main keys to this lies with two technology: MU-MIMO and OFDMA. It comes with latest WPA3 protocol. It is harder to crack password through WPA3 protocol enabled network.

However, it is not a sudden hit for now. It will be common soon by next year. Many processor with the support for WiFi 6 is already in market. Soon we will see phones, laptop and routers with WiFi 6.

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