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Best Apps for Article Reading {2019 Edition}

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There is a drastic increase in people getting addicted to smartphones, you can find out that people around you are all constantly using their smartphones. People are constantly checking their Instagram, WhatsApp, playing games or texting someone or the other.

A lot of time gets wasted by just going through Instagram feeds or constantly playing games. On average, a mobile phone user wastes at least 4-6 hours per day & if you are hardcore mobile phone users the numbers will keep on increasing. Why not turn this addiction to something productive, a trend of “READING”.

Instead of wasting time on social media, texting or gaming users can start reading Informative Articles, Awesome stories, Current affairs, recent News etc. Reading can be very useful for the overall development of oneself. Through reading, people can develop their creative side, develop communication skills & the best part you will learn something new every time you read something. And it doesn’t mean that you cannot use Instagram or stop texting someone or to stop gaming, you can but you need to start reading parallelly.

So sit back, relax & read this article till the End.

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#1 Quora

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One of the most famous platforms to read, question-answer. On this platform, you can get an answer to all the question you ever thought of. Here you can follow other famous Quora authors, you can even interact with anyone through messages. There many stupid articles also on this platform so choose wisely, which article is the most informative for you. There several interesting & amazing articles you can read from, you can gain a lot of knowledge from here.

#2 Medium

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Medium is a platform where you can find lots of insightful & informative topics you can read from. You can read relevant articles based on users interest, right from Tech, politics, business, life etc. It has a very clean & minimalistic UI, you will love it. You can even find Articles on new & innovative ideas to read.

#3 Flipboard

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Flipboard curates all the latest & the most interesting articles based on your personalised interest unlike print media, there are a lot of topics you can choose. It is very simple to use, you just need to swipe up to read a new article or swipe down to read the previous one.

#4 Mix

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Mix is a content discovering/reading platform, the famous website StumbleUpon is replaced with Mix. You can discover new contents, articles for reading based on your interest, users can choose a number of topics to read from. Users can even follow other writers present on the website. The website looks very clean and easy to use, the Ul is amazing users will love to read those informative articles present on this platform

#5 Google News

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Google news brings all the latest news all in one place. You can have all the latest news, headlines etc at your tips of the hand. All latest news related to politics, Tech, Sports etc can be spotted here. Keeping an eye on the latest news can make a great difference & google news will surely help you.

“Reading really makes difference”

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