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Top 5 Google Chrome Flags [2019 Edition]

Top 5Google Chrome Extensions 2019

Talking about chrome flags, chrome flags are some of the hidden/experimental features or setting mainly for the developers. These features are not included with the browser itself but users can still enable these features, if they are aware.

Chrome flags brings some great & useful features which can make your browsing experience with chrome even better. These article contains some of the best chrome android flags, we have listed some best chrome flags below.

so sit back, relax & read this Article till the End.

How to open Chrome Flags Menu

chrome dark mode 2

You just need to type chrome://flags & you will land on the Chrome Flags Page. To enable the flags just click on the box & then select enable, it will then show RELAUNCH browser just click on it & enjoy.

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#1 Chrome Duet

Chrome Beta Chrome Duet 2 980x526
Image credits:- droidlife

This flag helps you to move the chrome address bar to the bottom of the browser. This turns out to helpful when you have a big screened device, navigating to the top could be a tough task. You can even have a good command on the address bar when it is placed at the bottom.

Screenshot Chrome 20190718 141239 01

#2 History Navigation Gestures

chrome nav 2
Image credits:- Slashgear

This feature lets you use gesture to go back & forward,one page or to the page you were before. This is very handy because several times, unknowingly we press the back button & so we need to type or search the page we were viewing all again.

Screenshot Chrome 20190718 142419 01

#3 Parallel Downloading

google chrome 1

This flag basically increases the downloading speed, whenever you need to download something on from the browser. This feature separates download packets into 3 different task (same as IDM) & this will intend speed up the task.

Screenshot Chrome 20190718 141247 01 1

#4 Horizontal Tab Switchers

Screenshot Chrome 20190718 150519

As the name suggests, this feature lets you switch tabs horizontally. This can be very useful when you are working on many tabs simultaneously. You can even simply scroll & see what all tabs you have opened or which tabs are not useful can be closed.

Screenshot Chrome 20190718 141247 02

#5 Dark Mode

How to Enable Chrome For Android’s Dark Mode
Image Credits:- Apps to follow

Now even Google chrome has dark mode. This flag lets you enable dark mode for web pages & contents. Many users prefer dark theme & here it is . After enabling this flag you have to go to Setting > Themes > Dark.

Screenshot Chrome 20190718 142300 01
google chrome android 1
Image credits:- 9 to 5 google

Do comment if any useful flags are not mentioned & comment down your favorite Google Chrome Flag in the comment section

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