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Instagram to come up with AI to stop Hate Speech.

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Instagram, one of the most famous social media platform is facing some threats it is not related to some kind of viruses, malware or some kind of data threat it is related to cyberbullying. The cases of cyberbullying are increasing day by day some users are getting offended, some are getting depressed & some are even leaving the platform.

To cope up with this Instagram has come up with some features which can solve the problems which are faced by the users on their platform.

#1 Detecting Hateful Comments

The AI can now detect & categorizes hateful, inappropriate & the frequently reported comments. A feature will roll out with the help of AI, will notify users if their comment is inappropriate or offensive in any manner before even posting it. This feature can give a chance for users if they really need to post these kinds of comments in someone’s post or they want to undo it.


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Another feature named “RESTRICT” with this feature the victims or users targeted by bullying can restrict some users. Sothe restricted users will not be able to keep a watch on you. Even if the comment on your post, you or the users will not be able to view it. By this restricted users will not be able to write or comment mean or inappropriate things whenever you post something on Instagram.

Instagram is doing its best to tackle bullying, these two features can do great but more features for tackling cyberbullying is yet to come. The company will be surely coming up with some more features.

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What’s your take on this or what are some feature Instagram should come up, comment it down.

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