Google’s new share feature : Apple’s Airdrop clone

Till now, the file sharing on android is done mainly through the third party apps like xender and SHAREit. but these ways are not as convenient and simple like the Apple’s airdrop feature. Google has natively the android beam feature to share files but it isn’t quite popular sure to some reason like the NFC is required.

Google is currently working on a new and fast way to transfer files.

fast share 1 9to5google 1
fast share 1 9to5google 1

It will replace the android beam feature in Android in Q(android 10). so let’s discuss about the new fast way and also about android beam.

What is android beam?

fast share 2 9to5google 1 1
fast share 2 9to5google 1 1

Android beam is a feature ptesent since Android devices since android enables the NFC enabled devices (apple, blackberry, windows etc) to share files between them without internet and also consumes less battery than Bluetooth.

fast share

Google is currently working on a feature called “fast share” that is quite similar to the Apple’s airdrop feature . it has the functionality to share files(images, text snippets, URLs etc) using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi without internet.

why it is great news

fast share is a great feature because:

  • there will be no need of 3rd party apps like xender or SHAREit to send files without internet.
  • we can even send files to Chromebook, iPhone and smartwatches too.

how to use fast share

the fast share option can be used in 2 ways:

  • by simply sharing and choosing the fast share option on the sharing menu.
  • go to Settings>Google>Fast Share.

the fast share will use the location and Bluetooth,users can share files without internet.

Screenshot 20190629 210505 1
Screenshot 20190629 210505 1

when fast share will be available

Screenshot 20190629 211647
Screenshot 20190629 211647

There’s no official word on Fast Share from Google, but it’s likely it will be launched in public android Q release.

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