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Top 5 Stunning Websites you never knew existed [ Vol 1 ]

Top 5 Stunning Websites
Top 5 Stunning Websites

The internet is so vast & there are n-number of Websites present over the so it is very difficult to find some fascinating & useful websites on the Internet. There are many websites which are amazing & productive although we never came across.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of stunning websites you never knew about. So sit back, relax & read the Article till the End.

#1 MIX

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Mix is a content discovering/reading platform, the famous website StumbleUpon is replaced with Mix. You can discover new contents, articles for reading based on your interest. users can choose a number of topics to read from. Users can even follow other writers present on the website. The website looks very clean and easy to use, the UI is amazing & users will love to read those informative articles present on this platform.

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Virustotal helps you scan files & URLs directly from your Desktop or from the internet. It is very simple, the users just have to select the desired URL or file & click to scan just within a few mins the website will detect if there is some suspicious element hidden in files or the URL. Whenever you want to download a file from the Internet then just copy the URL and paste it over here, then scan it & if the website shows the file is safe to download only then download the file.

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IFIXIT is a website which contains a large number of repair guides in the form of videos or step by step guides. The users just have to search which repair guide they need & select the desired Article, there are lots of articles which will help users in repairing/fixing things by just sitting at their house.No need of getting things repaired from shops & paying some extra cash on it.

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Documentary Heaven is a website which contains thousands of free online documentaries. Users can select & watch documentaries of their interest on this platform. There are lots of options to choose from like Archaeology, Biographies, Conspiracy theories & more.

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Instructables is the name suggests will instruct you with providing guides to create, something like DIYs & other kinds of stuff. The users can learn to create different projects from crafts, DIY’s, Arduino projects, circuits, cooking & more a& all this by your own. There are step by step guides by which you can create useful & amazing things.

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Comment down your favourite website from this list & do suggest any other website you find helpful

Top 5 Stunning Website VOL 2 will be uploaded very soon.

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