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The Dark Side Of AI

When I am asked for instance, is artificial intelligence a threat, looking at the future of artificial intelligence I would ignore the dark side and look for the positives. All the good that artificial intelligence is doing for the world, amounts to equal bad if not monitored. I agree with the phrase that there are two sides of a coin, similarly we have benefits and risks of artificial intelligence. The stickers with a yellow hazard triangle sign indicating to handle with care adequately portrays the situation AI is in.

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This post covers some of the risks of AI and what AI can become.

Dangers of AI include:

AI weaponry:

Ai weapons
AI weapon

There are various automated weapons which have AI systems integrated into it. Their sole purpose is to kill. Now when this type of weapon falls into the wrong hands, disaster is imminent. When I imagine a war with AI weapons, I see it resulting in devastation to an extent where it will be difficult to put a full stop to. AI weapons are made such that if the enemies get hold of the weapon, they won’t be able to shut it down and thus humans will completely lose control of the casualties and the war.

AI taking word for word:

Another major concern with AI system is that if AI is told to do something, it will recognize the task as its goal and will be willing to go to any extent to complete it. If humans try to stop it, the system will identify it as a threat which will hinder its completion of goal. And because of this characteristic, there may be damage to our environment and the ecosystem as a whole.

AI for Trump:

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We saw a major conspiracy unfold recently wherein data of more than 50 million Facebook users were used to manipulate elections and voting in U.S. and the U. K.’s Brexit referendum. Although the investigation is still going on to determine the role of Cambridge Analytica in this conspiracy, it is clear that the data was only useful because of the AI algorithms used to categorize the data. We are at a point where the site knows who we are, what we like, and they anticipate how we think, this highlights the power of AI in social manipulation. Social media is a huge deal in the current era and if AI has the power to control our action through it, we can only imagine the outreach it has and the impact of artificial intelligence on society.

AI For Power

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Recently in a talk between two AIs, one of the AI said that humans are to be destroyed. If we add the emotional aspect of a human in an AI system, it may feel above us humans, and try and eradicate us completely. The only question that remains is that do we allow the AI systems to learn freely or de we regulate it with possibility that it will hinder the process of advancement. This question has arrived at a time where advancement of AI has been achieved at a much faster pace than predicted and we have no idea how to handle it.

The outcome

After looking briefly into the dark side of artificial intelligence, the question may arise that why do we need artificial intelligence. It is because the benefits of artificial intelligence exceed the artificial intelligent dangers and the impact of artificial intelligence is more significant in the current age and technology.

Artificial intelligence in the future can be a risk if not handled with caution but the artificial intelligence future has so much potential that we can find ways to regulate it instead of stopping the advancement.

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