eVs in Flipkart.

Flipkart Private Limited, an e-commerce company was founded, 12 years ago. Sachin Bansal along with Binny Bansal founded it in Bangalore. It is now the first e-Commerce platform in India to adopt the e-bikes and e-vans to its to delivery fleet. Firstly, aim of this initiative is to replace nearly 40% of its existing elivery vans with e-vehicles by March 2020. Therefore, his will help to reduce carbon emissions by over 50%. Hence, Today Flipkart has 8 e-vans in Hyderabad, 10 e-vans in New Delhi and 30 e-bikes in Bangalore with many wishmasters enjoying the ride.

No problem of license to youngsters –

The eVs avoid noisy engine and exhaust pipe. Consequently, eVs being unmotorized need no driving licence to be able to drive on the roads. Youngsters who cannot afford the motorbike gets an opportunity to not only join the workforce but also earn money for their living. Morover, The manufacturer of e-bikes emphasizes that,“With these models, we can empower people without a bike and a license to join the workforce.”https://wap.business-standard.com/article-amp/economy-policy/no-permit-will-be-required-for-evs-alternative-fuel-vehicles-gadkari-118090600785_1.html

Ease of eVs over motorcycles –

Mahadevpura in Bangalore is a hub for parking of motorcycles and e-bikes in an ordinary looking bungalow. Importantly, With the new trend in delivery and shipping the enthusiastic wishmasters bustle around. Later, They pack up their orders, planning the routes and only stopping for one or two occasional breaks. The battery pickup powers it up to 40 kilometre per hour, a self-charging feature powers the battery as the wishmasters pedal. Besides the modified design of eVs helps them carry more load as compared to regular e-bike. Fruitlfully, This initiative is an ease for groceries and courier services . With lower fuel cost and maintenance cost too, the more wishmasters prefer e-bike over the motorcycle.

eVs under development –

Apart of all such benefits, in rainy season it becomes difficult to deliver orders. The battery life, although impressive, sometimes do not meet requirements on busy days. Consequently, the e-bikes project is still in its early development period. Infact, Spero and Flipkart executives are constantly in touch about how the design can be improved.

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