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Top 5 Countries Leading The AI Race

As I mentioned in one of my earlier post, the Russian president Vladimir Putin has given a statement for the importance of Artificial Intelligence in future with a bold prediction that whichever country will establish a strong ground in AI will be the ruler of the world. With an increase of more than 60% in the funding of AI start-ups since 2010, there is definitely bright future for countries investing in Artificial Intelligence development.

Here is a list of Top 5 Countries Leading the AI revolution with style:

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With two categories taken into consideration the list has been formulated. One being the availability of resources such as skilled professionals, university courses to develop more talent, basically the intellectual capital. Other is the flow of money for investment, Level of AI and digital activity in the country.

United States Of America

With a whooping $10 billion investment in venture capital being funnelled to AI, USA is definitely one of the leading places for AI development. Also, a home to companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and IBM which are publishing a great amount of papers on AI and investing heavily in the field, USA has around 850,000 AI professionals and is equipped with all the resources needed to advance in AI and be a huge part of the revolution.

Although there is no central level movement for the AI development, the load is efficiently shared by the academia and private industries. There is over 1000 companies within the Artificial intelligence sector which contribute to the growth of AI in US.


China being the country to have the most number of papers published in AI with a huge lead of almost double the amount of the country at the second place, earlier being the manufacturers land, is developing itself in the AI sector. With a central movement towards advancing of AI revolution, China’s role in AI is clear as one of the leading countries.

According to a survey the amount of AI patents granted have increased by 190% in the past five years. Aggressive targets have been set for 2030 and China has pledged to invest at least $7 billion for the achievement of the goal including $2 billion for a research park in Beijing.

As per CB Insights, Chinese AI start-ups have received 48% of the funding. Knowing that china has already declared a comprehensive national plan to become a leader in AI, this country had to be on the list.

United Kingdom

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There are various companies ready to invest in AI including the government in UK. The UK government has pledged $30 million to build AI incubators, VC firm Global Brain has pledged $50 million and Chrysalix has pledged to raise more than $100 million funding for AI sector. Government has also shown an interest in funding academic research facilities and financially supporting 1,000 AI PhDs. With universities like Cambridge and Oxford partaking various important AI programs, the future seems bright for the country.


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Japan is said to have 71% automation potential in the manufacturing sector and if not Japan who else to upgrade itself to the top-notch technology of the era. Given its long-standing willingness to invest in technology and plenty of research done in the AI field, Japan is sure to be on the list as one of the leading companies o be ahead of everyone else in the AI sector.

Japan has some experience being a leader in the robotics field for a long time and with its unique feature of the economy, capital flowing into the AI development is just right for the upcoming revolution.

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Canada was one of the early birds to see the potential of AI and invest into its development. The government of Canada made a $125 million commitment to AI research in March 2017. They are still planning to increase the amount as they are adamant to stay in the race. Canada has started recruiting AI professionals and increasing its intellectual capital to gear up for the AI advancement.

Cities in Canada like Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton are known for some of the finest AI degree programs and various tech giants have started investing in Canada to seek access to the talent.

There are many other countries still in the race and very near to the countries mentioned in the list. With adequate steps forward I definitely see some change in the leadership chart.

Noteworthy countries include:


Vladimir Putin emphasising on development of AI, commitment to make 30% of country’s military equipment robotic by 2025, great AI and ML learning programs, and an estimated $12.5 million yearly investment in AI makes it a strong competitor.


Receiving support from Amazon and the establishment of The Cyber Valley promises a great deal of future plans for the advancement of AI to support the revolution in Germany. With an automation potential on 47.9% and strong industry capabilities backed with powerful companies and great education, Germany is a threat for other countries in the leader board.

France, Singapore, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Israel are also upcoming and a participant in this mad and gruelling race to lead the AI research sector and revolutionize the world using artificial intelligence.

India has also featured in one of the surveys having the most number of AI companies standing at the 5th position.

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