Samsung Launches World’s First 8K QLED starting at ₹11,00,000.

Samsung brought the world’s first QLED 8 K TV for the super luxury market in India on Tuesday. This is a unique standard for the TV industry. Samsung has said that the unique TV variety will be accessible in four sizes-98 inches, 82 inches, 75 inches, and 65 inches.

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The main feature of the TV is its true 8 K Resolution, 8 K AI Upscaling, Quantum Processor 8 K and Quantum HDR, all working closely to offer the amazing 8 K experience.

Regarding the price structure, The Samsung QLED 8 K TVs have just been rated at Rs. 10,99,900 for the 75-inches model, Rs. 16,99,900 for the 82-inches model, and Rs. 59,99,900 for the 98-inches model. The 98-inches model can only be made to order, whereas the 65-inches price (will be available to buy in July) will be released soon.

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Samsung told the press that their QLED 8 K TVs operate with 33 million pixels, four times the 4 K Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV resolution and 16 times the Full HD TV resolution.

The unique televisions arrive with voice instructions allowing customers to regulate their TV across the room. Bixby 2.0 and Google Assistant are available to access services using voice instructions. The Far Field Voice Capability ensures that to allow voice commands, you don’t really need the TV remote close you.

In the absence of 8K content, this new QLED TV range will be able to upscale any content, be it SD or 4K, to 8K using the 8K Quantum Processor and its AI upscaling capability.

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The TV “Ambient Mode” lets users to adhere an interactive backdrop to the TV frame, mixing it into the wall of the living room while demonstrating info like climatic conditions and time if it is not in use.

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Samsung QLED 8 K will be accessible for acquisition from all major Samsung Smart Plazas, consumer electronic shops and internet platforms, including Samsung’s official Samsung Shop online.

Sources : NDTV , Indiatoday

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