Microsoft v/s Dell, Both are Reported to be Working on Dual Screen Laptop.

Both Microsoft and Dell are reported to be working on dual screen device and sources suggest that very soon by the end of the year or in early 2020, both unveils their products.

Murmurings of Microsoft creating a double-screened display claim to be reinforcing, even if you may need to change your approach. Sources for The Verge suggest the firm hosted an inner meeting in which it provided a look at possible Surface devices, which included a dual-screen hardware model.

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Its widely reported “Centaurus” dual-screen laptop. Normally, the Surface team performs very secretively, attempting to keep its unpublicized gadgets hidden from much of its very own staff. It might operate a compact Windows version (affectionately called Windows Lite or Core OS) as well as fulfill as the standard bearer for an predicted double-screen touch screen-and-laptop variant Intel is assumed to be “collaborating” on the experiment with Microsoft.

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The presence of Andromeda or Centaurus was never formally verified by Microsoft. “It’s totally my child,” Microsoft’s Panos Panay explained in last year’s interview with The Verge, making a reference to small and light surface speculations. “We’re going to invent and we’re going to produce if goods are correct. We can not introduce fresh categories into the globe and not be a place where it is needed by clients.”

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As per the report of Zdnet, Windows Lite is probable to be launched by Microsoft in 2020 creating an assumption that Centaurus may not be completely manufactured until next year and Centaurus may be formally unveiled by Microsoft later this year, their sources said.

On the other hand, Dell Continuing to work on New ARM-based Running Device Windows 10 With Codename Januss – Working on Programme At Last Since April’17.


The report of Winfuture (In German), suggested that Dell’s double-screen device can be folded easily and the consumer can connect to the internet anywhere they go. There would also be a single Type-C USB port which could endorse power delivery and several cams. Dual display functionality can be supported by the Type-C USB, just so the Dell device can demonstrate an improvement in user efficiency when stuck to a secondary monitor.

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