Oppo And Xiaomi are Working on In-Display Selfie Camera.

The smartphone’s notch, raised out of the need to produce the narrow bordered smartphones of today a truth, was a problematic aspect of styling. Handset makers experimented with innovative solutions such as dual screens, mechanical sliders, and selfie pop-up cams to do away with the notch. Oppo and Xiaomi have shown working smartphone prototypes with a selfie camera under-display-a option that enables for smartphones with no need for mechanical components.


Oppo Vice president Brian Shen decided to share a short clip of what seems to be a notch-free modular smartphone lying on a table in Oppo weibo post earlier today. The camera app was launched, and despite the absence of a visible front-facing camera, a live vision of the roof of the room nevertheless appeared on the display. Mr. VP also glided a finger over all the camera to lend legitimacy to the footage. The company’s official Twitter account also shared the same video.

Quickly after, Xiaomi taunted a selfie camera under-display to its own introduction. President Lin Bin of the firm shared a video to Weibo and twitter revealing a Xiaomi Mi 9 model with embedded front optics here under the screen. As per a report by The Phone Talk, Xiaomi earlier this month filed a patent involving the use of two alternating display segments to enable light to pass to the camera sensor. At the time when this innovation is ready for mainstream use, it is not recognised.

It is also revealed that Samsung is working on a technique to cover up the camera below the screen and do away with any kind of notch.

Source : NDTV

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