Apple to end iTunes and reveal new apps at WWDC’19

On May 31 2019, Friday, Bloomberg News reported that Apple will soon announce the end of the iconic product, iTunes. It was launched in 2003 and it hit the music world by storm and started the era of mp3 music sales. iTunes was created for a cause, to help the music industry to survive the surge of illegal downloads by pirate sites that bled money from both artists and record labels.


iTunes evolved rapidly over years, experimenting over Facebook-style social sharing and Twitter-style newsfeeds. But Apple’s domination was in competition by the rise of Spotify and similar popular streaming sites.

Apple is going to announce it during annual WWDC in San Jose, California next Monday, which is set to replace iTunes with standalone music, television and podcast apps. These new apps are said to provide a range of services over new Apple devices. Reportedly, Apple is also planning to buff up other apps including Books, Messages and Mail at WWDC.

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MacRumors and Redditors notified that Apple has already cleared out iTunes’s Instagram and Facebook pages, removing all of its posts. However, the Twitter account remains untouched for iTunes. Bloomberg says, “Apple is finally ready to move into a new era.”

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