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World’s deadliest PC:The Persistence of Chaos

Have you ever thought of the most lethal weapon in the world.This question if asked 25 years would result in answers of ammunition and explosives.however in Today’s IT world we certainly can’t dissipate weapons consisting of malwares that are able to inject in someone’s system and compromise their system.We have seen the devastation caused by malwares like Wannacry,ILOVEYOU,MyDoom at a global level which lead to loss of billions of dollar and compromised security at a substantial level which is estimated to be 95 Billion Dollars Worldwide.


Now a bid has been launched which says that it is for the world’s deadliest PC.This PC is a simple Samsung Laptop running on Windows XP.What makes it so different is that it consists of the 6 most Dangerous Viruses circulated on the Internet till now.

  • WannnaCry
  • MyDoom
  • SoBig
  • DarkTequila
  • BlackEnergy

To make a bid on can visit the Website- .

The six viruses in the laptop (a 10.2-inch Samsung NC10-14GB) were chosen for the magnitude of economic damage they’ve caused which is huge.It ia proposed as a piece of Art.Art is something that reflects Human Nature and it’s simplification to an Idea.It is expected to convey similar message to the worldwide population.

The PC is titled as ‘The Persistence of Chaos’ ,a title to reflect the pandamonium caused by these Viruses on an International Level.The PC is set for a bid by a CyberSecurity firm called DeepInstinct.The Organization says that it has set the PC for bid to be used as foe Educational and Observational purposes and not for Operational purpose.The current bid is set to 1.345 Million Dollars which also makes it perhaps the most expensive PC in the World.

It has been Created by an internet artist named Guo O Dong.It has been said that it is kept in a safe environment and air gapped to prevent any Foul play.It is thought to be safe until it gets connected to a PC,Network or a USB.

Speaking to The Verge, artist Guo O Dong says the intention behind the laptop was to make physical the abstract threats posed by the digital world.


“We have this fantasy that things that happen in computers can’t actually affect us, but this is absurd,Weaponized viruses that affect power grids or public infrastructure can cause direct harm.”

Guo O Dong

Guo says WannaCry is the perfect example of how digital attacks can have physical consequences. “WannaCry … caused the the equivalent of $100 million in damages and led to the cancellation of tens of thousands of doctors’ appointments,” he says. “It is not a leap to say this caused significant human harm, though it might be hard to pinpoint the effects exactly down to the patient.”

Cyber Security in Essex Virus

And these are far from historic concerns. Just this month, a ransomware attack ravaged the city of Baltimore, freezing government systems and disrupting “estate sales, water bills, health alerts.” In total, Guo estimates that the six viruses on his Samsung laptop caused economic damage worth $95 billion.

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