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Iron Man Inspired Astronaut HUD Helmet is Here.

Who says fantasies can’t be real? Inspired by none other than Avenger’s Iron Man, For astronauts, an artificial and machine intelligence company designed a heads-up display helmet (HUD).

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In a report of Futurism, Ben Lamm, CEO of Hypergiant stated that the helmet “HyperVSR” can display information such as instructions related to the mission, information and vital signs of the astronaut. With inputs like this, an astronaut’s safety is likely to be greatly improved by reducing the amount of information they need to move in their space suits.

Space is an unpredictable environment, where challenges can change dramatically over the course of just a few minutes, During these situations, it’s paramount that astronaut safety is never in question. We’ve designed our helmet to enable astronauts to quickly gather information about a situation, as well as assess their own health, for enhanced decision-making even during emergencies.

Ben Lamm, CEO of Hypergiant

In demo mode, the glove of an astronaut would be decked out with tags that match information such as vital, emergency alerts, or mission details. When the helmet feels the astronaut is looking at one of the tags, the information is projected into the heads-up display of the helmet.

spacesuit helmet ironman display1

According to a company spokesperson, Hypergiant is currently building the helmet’s software side— but is actively seeking customers from space agencies and military contractors.

So finally Astronauts will see the world through Iron Man Eye. It feels that we are going into future, right?

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