After Android Suspension, Huawei Coming Up with ARK OS?

Now since the US order to ban Huawei in the country, many companies also cut off contact with Huawei. Google first announced that it would waive the firm’s Android license, then German chipmaker Infineon banned shipments to Huawei, shortly after ARM employees were urged to terminate business with Huawei, and then Microsoft started attacking Huawei laptops out of its store. The company has also been suspended by Intel, Qualcomm, and SD Association recently.

Last week, Huawei said it could come out with its very own operating system for smartphones and laptops in China to sustain in the smartphones sector, with the Android license suspension, The new operating system was supposed to be announced in few months.

According to a report of Android Headlines Huawei has registered three names, including HUAWEI ARK OS, HUAWEI ARK, ARK, and ARK OS, with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. All of these trademarks were filed on 24 May 2019. While the company has not officially confirmed the operating system name, due to the Android ban, Huawei needs to speed up the process.

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These copyrights do not confirm that this is the incoming option for Huawei to Android, of course, but taking into account that the firm has revealed that it is working on that OS and that its advancement has had to be increased due to recent US and Google-related issues, it is likely that the OS will be called “Ark OS”.

Huawei actually confirmed in November, 18 that it is developing an Android alternative.

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Huawei’s CEO said the company is prepared for the transition, making sure its customers are all right, but there are a ton of hurdles for the company if the condition is not sorted out. One bad part is to flip to a entirely new OS, but Huawei also has problems on the hardware side as most of its hardware especially Kirin Chip is manufactured in US.

According to recent reports, Huawei’s sales declined due to the recent US Ban. There is a massive drop in prices of its smartphones too.

Source : Android Headlines

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