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How to Protect Yourself from DJYU Ransomeware?

Recently, Tech Infinite talked with few users infected with a ransomware that is spreading in May 2019. We found out several methods to get rid of such cryptoattacks.

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DJVU is a strong-risk virus belonging to the family of STOP malware. Michael Gillespie first uncovered it. It is grouped as ransomware and programmed to use a cryptography algorithm to lock (encrypt) data. Djvu renames each encrypted file by adding the extension’ .djvu’ or’ .djvu*’ (latest versions of this ransomware use’ .djvuu,” .udjvu,” .djvuq,” .uudjvu,” .djvus,” .djuvt,” .djvur,’ And “.DJVUT” encrypted file extensions). “TechInfinite.jpg” becomes, for example, “Techinfinite.jpg.djvu” or “Techinfinite.jpg.djvu*.” All victims of Djvu receive a ransom-demand signal in a text file called “openme.txt.”

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All files (photos, documents, databases, documents, etc.) were encrypted using a strong encryption algorithm, according to the ransom message created by DJVU’s developers. Victims are encouraged to buy a decryption tool (actually pay a ransom) to retrieve them. Two email addresses are provided ( and They also assign a personal identification to be used in the subject of email in order to identify individual victims by cyber criminals. When contacted, a Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) wallet is likely to be provided to transfer the ransom payment. They will provide a 50 percent discount for victims who contact them within 72 hours after encryption, according to ransomware developers.

In addition, they offer free one file decryption as’ proof’ that they can decrypt and can be trusted. Cyber criminals behind this malicious program also warn victims against using other decryption tools, as this is supposed to result in permanent loss of data. Digital offenders behind this pernicious program cautioned people against using other unscrambling tools, as this is likely to cause perpetual misfortune in information. Individuals who structure these contaminations commonly use cryptographies that produce special keys and often store them on remote servers that they restrict. In this way, only Developers from DJVU can provide decryption tools / keys for victims. Therefore, this ransomware is’ uncrackable’ and there are currently no tools that are free to decrypt.

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How to remove DJYU, If already infected?

Michael Gillespie has updated his STOPDecrypter that can now restore data with the following extensions: “.djvu,” “.djvuq,” “.djvur,” “.djvut,” “.djvuu,” “.pdff,” “.tfude,” “.tfudeq,” “.tro,” “.udjvu,” “.tfudet.” By clicking this link, you can download the decrypter. Currently, this decrypter works only for personal ID 6se9RaIxXF9m70zWmx7nL3bVRp691w4SNY8UCir0 (the offline key used when the malware failed to get a key from its server) or if you have the key.

Alternate Method

In a report of PC Risk, Tomas Meskauskas suggested that Spyhunter is a professional removal tool for automatic malware recommended to get rid of DJVU Ransomeware. Click this link to download it.

Final Words

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A number of user reports have recently been published stating that their computers have been infected with DJYU ransomware after downloading the officialkmspico(.)com website cracking tool from KMSpico Windows. Most software cracking tools are malicious and fake-instead of giving any real value, they are used to spread malware. Never install such tools to your device otherwise you know what will happen next.

If you are still in any doubt or problem, do share it in comments and we will be back to you in no time.


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