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How to Earn Money From Photos? A Must Read for Aspiring Photographers.

A new smartphone app has been launched to provide snap-happy aspiring photographers the chance to earn some extra money by selling their personal photos. Stockimo, owned by Alamy stock photography site, allows the user to contribute photographs taken on their device to a stock image library in return for a payment every moment their photos are published.

You could earn hundreds of pounds depending on how popular your picture is, from selfies to pets and holidays to food. A lucky contributor even snapped £ 2,780 from a single iPhone shot.

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The contributed images will be sold on Alamy as well as through its distribution network and if influential, they can be purchased time and time again as the photo is authorized technically instead of being sold to just one purchaser. However, one of the service’s major drawbacks at the moment is that the program is available only to iPhone users with an iPhone 4 or higher. Also, Stockimo hasn’t revealed if in the future Android users can contribute.

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