Firefox Fenix, A brand new incarnation for Firefox Android

Mozilla is currently working on a new mobile web browser for Android called Firefox Fenix currently and it is considered to be a replacement for the Old firefox, this is the main reason why development for Firefox for Android slowed down in recent months.

Cover art

Fenix is based on Android Components and GeckoView, and is in active development at the time of writing.

Screenshot 2019 05 25 20 35 37 299 org.mozilla.fenix

The First new thing that you will notice about this firefox is its new sleek design and its fantastically smooth animations, The animations are really smooth on this one.

Mozilla Fenix: Why the name?

Fenix could be a misnomer for Phoenix, the bird. Same as a Phoenix rises from ashes, this could symbolize a new project arising from Fennec.

This could also symbolize Mozilla’s situation right now. On my post about the Scout browser, I mentioned about Mozilla struggling with Google Chrome’s high market share. So, Fenix could be Mozilla’s rise from its ashes.

How to install Firefox Fenix?

First Head into the following Joining Link – Join.

  • First Click on the Become a Tester and then on the Next Page you will be Confirmed your Joining
  • Now Visit the Play Store Link – Firefox Fenix
  • And install the app from the play store.

Some Screenshots

As of Now there is nothing really new except the design and looks and some minor new features.

Give this app a try and send feedback to mozilla and also let us know what you liked and what you hated.

Thanks for reading

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