Everything About Call Of Duty (Beta) Mobile Version

Ever since the Activision announced the true mobile version of Call of Duty, I’ve been waiting for Call of Duty to arrive. Call of Duty fans like me have been waiting for a proper mobile version of the popular shooting game and well it’s finally here. Call of Duty Mobile’s first beta version is here for Android. Let’s see how well this game goes and booms the PlayStore market.

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What exactly is Call of Duty?

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game by Activision. Starting out in 2003, it first focused on games set in World War II, but over time, the series has seen games set in modern times, the midst of the Cold War, futuristic worlds, and outer space. Previously it was available on PlayStation, Xbox, & PC. But now it’s also available on Google Play store and App store in Beta state.

What about the Call of Duty (Beta) Mobile Version?

Recently the Activision launched the Beta version for the most popular game Call of Duty for Mobile phones both iOS & Android. The graphics are top notch with high game play. The first limited-scale closed Beta test is live in India now, which means you will not need to use VPN.

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Beta Version Features

The features includes that it is iconic multiplayer game with multiple maps and favourite modes to strive to be the best in world. Use your skills to rise to the top in competitive Ranked Mode, or win Clan in-game prizes as you play with friends. Best part? Call of Duty: Mobile is free-to-play! The Call of Duty first-person shooter experience comes to mobile with superior graphics and gameplay fans are sure to love.
Note: Internet connection is required to play this game.

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How to download the game for your Mobile Phone?

The game is free to download and play. All you need to do is follow the following steps.

  1. Go to your Google Play store (for Android) or Apple app store (for iOS).
  2. Search for Call of Duty: Mobile.
  3. Pre-registeration is available. Pre-register for the game and once the slots gets empty
    you will be notified to download the game.
  4. Download the game and enjoy.

●More About Call of Duty Mobile Game

● Newly-Announced Multiplayer Maps

call of duty black ops 4 blackout map 1082.0.0
  • Crossfire: “Small desert town. Intense interior fighting and strong firefights.” Bring your sniper rifle in this compact street fight.
  • Standoff: “Border town between China and Kyrgyzstan. Classic engagements and desintations to fight over.” offers a variety of tight hiding spots, upper structures that favor the long-range weapon wrangler, and a main compound with a walled perimeter to infiltrate in a variety of gameplay styles.
  • Crash: “Downed Sea Knight in a desert town. Fantastic team games.” this well-loved map features blind corners, a crashed chopper, rusty barrels, narrow streets overlooked by shelled-out buildings as well as rooftop sniping positions.
  • Killhouse: “Speedball style warehouse interior. Great for small teams.” If you’re wanting an almost symmetrical map with a central lookout tower, and have a penchant for rapid takedowns where shotguns can take precedence.
  • Firing Range: “Military practice facility. Hectic Domination games.” Corrugated and wooden sheds, long, ruined structures, a muddy courtyard and rusting equipment abandoned in the hot sun, make this a classic and chaotic map. There’s more to Call of Duty: Mobile than just Multiplayer matches.

● Newly-Announced Game Modes

  • Free-For-All: The classic every-player-for-themselves deathmatch.
  • Frontline: After spawning at a team base, defeat players on the opposing team.
  • Team Deathmatch: The classic defeat-players-on-the-opposing-team mode. Hardpoint: Capture and hold the hardpoint to earn points.
  • Domination: Capture and hold the designated positions to gain points. ( This mode supports up to eight players. ** This mode supports up to 10 players).

● Loadouts: Confirmed Characters

Call of Duty Ghosts Customisation Items 2 01
  • Alex Mason, the CIA operative, special agent, and Marine Force Recon Captain (retired), from the Call of Duty®: Black Ops franchise.
  • David “Section” Mason, son of Alex Mason, SEAL Team member and J-SOC Commander from Call of Duty®: Black Ops II.
  • Thomas A. Merrick, a Captain, former Navy SEAL, and Commander of the Ghosts, from Call of Duty®: Ghosts.
  • Simon “Ghost” Riley, the skull-textured, balaclava-wearing British special forces lieutenant from Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare 2.
  • John “Soap” MacTavish, the British special forces demolitions and sniping expert from the Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare franchise.
  • John Price, the special forces captain with the Bravo Six alias from the Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare franchise.

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