Lenovo Teases World’s First Foldable PC

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The whole world has been buzzing about foldable smartphones with the recent launch of Samsung Galaxy Fold.However the market of PCs is already witnessing major revolutions in the form of Innovation as Lenovo has already announced the future launch of world’s first Foldable PC: a PC that offers everything different.

It announced it’s latest venture at the Accelerate conference in Florida, where it unveiled the world’s first foldable PC prototype.More details are expected to be rolled out in a latest briefing in New York.

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Lenovo has been working on this direction for the past three years and is expecting to lauch it as a finished device in 2020 as part of its premium ThinkPad X1 brand. The goal here is a premium product that will be a laptop-class device, not an accessory or secondary computer like a tablet might be.The major goal of this project is to embody portability something that other competitors are not doing.On the names of secrecy major specs are not reveled yet,but one should always be ready for some unexpected announcements!


The new PC is described as a full performance Intel Windows device with a flexible 13.3-inch 4:3 2K OLED display.The display is foldable and is of the size of a hardcover book. It supports technical interface equipments like Pen.It uses LG Display’s foldable screen technology.The weight parameter is still in shadows as it has not been revealed.It,s size is expected is to be obviously low as it can be folded with ease according to User Convenience.It is said that it is very is easy to hold as it is the size of a notebook and has leather covering.It is very comfortable to hold and the company is targeting to reduce it’s weight below 2 pounds.Pen can also be used for display input as it is convenient.

For the varied User Requirement it can be transitioned into various forms.
The form factor allows it to “transition with you from day to night,” with a tablet mode for watching and consuming content, a book mode for reading with the two sides folded in like a book, and a productivity mode that turns it into a laptop with a digital keyboard .

Lenovo envisions this product as the future of world of computing due to creativity in it’s design and size.

At Accelerate, we’re unveiling a preview and demo of the world’s first foldable PC1. Made for highly mobile, tech-savvy professionals who demand the best tools, the new foldable PC joins the premium ThinkPad X1 family, promising that the unprecedented portability will in no way compromise productivity and reliability. This is not a phone, tablet, or familiar hybrid; this is a full-fledged laptop with a foldable screen. 

This space-saving ThinkPad combines laptop productivity with smartphone portability to fold into your lifestyle like never before.

Foldable technology sounds really exciting and thrilling but the path of achieving success in this venture will certainly not be easy for obvious reasons.Samsung Galaxy Fold has been delayed by Samsung due to multiple failures in performance.In order to launch product without any bugs Lenovo says that it has doubled the amount of testing on Thinkpad.A lot is still to be done as the Hardware is unfinished .The Expected Price has also not been released and the product is expected to be launched to be somewhere around 2020.It will be interesting to see how much success will be achieved from Lenovo Foldable Thinkpad and how it is reviewed by Users.

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