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Top 5 Must Watch AI TV Shows

aitv 6

The commotion that took over the world in the ‘90s was the word touchscreen. Touchscreen phones also called as smartphones is something that is still progressing forward. Technology is something that is ever advancing just like the wide spread space with a lot more left to uncover and discover.

This era’s new hotshot for technology is Artificial Intelligence. My first encounter with anything remotely related to AI was the Indian TV series A.I.SHA.

It was beautifully portrayed though basic in its context it was one of its kind which made me aware of the term so famously now known as AI. The television world was one of the most wide spread media outlet for a while but now web series and content on internet has taken over. With the gargantuan maestros such as Netflix and amazon prime it just seems to be growing as the access to user is more personal.

Spreading knowledge through this medium has become common and Artificial intelligence has also seen some good implementation in the series world. I bring you the top 5 must watch AI tv shows if you want to get started on knowing what AI is all about.

aitv 4


(since 2016)

So unconventional in nature it is almost boisterous in its way to portray characters. This series involves a group of robots made to live in a fake world which they think is real and are engineered to feel and think. There are scientists monitoring their activities and when the robots come to know what is actually going everything goes haywire. It is breath taking how creatively distinguished this show is and the AI angle is portrayed beautifully.

aitv 5

Person Of Interest


The major role played in this series if of an AI powered surveillance system which they have built to identify potential murderers and criminals. With a billionaire giving information and an ex-CIA agent teaming up with him they defend their country. Through this we can clearly predict how the AI can affect the society and our daily lives. The series is full of suspense and digs deep into how the implementation of AI is changing the world.

aitv 2


(since 2015)

It is a favourite amongst people who are new to AI. Though there is no out of the box creativity in the plot it depicts the artificial intelligence and its functions and properties aptly. With a plot that resembles a normal series filled with suspense, mystery and drama one unique identifier Humans series has is Artificial intelligence, being called synth(synthetic). As they keep living in the human’s world trying to fit normality into their system, their algorithms make them do something unpredictable.

aitv 1

Battlestar Galactica


One of the early age series with AI given a point of view of its own. Depicting a dark and a good side of AI bots this series is one of a kind and one where the impact of AI can be visible in every aspect of human lives. A plot that is daring and out of norms, it is a sight to behold with every scene making us hold our breathes in the anticipation of the outcome. This is definitely one to look out for in the AI genre of series as the humans get attacked by their own creation, a calamity that is much feared in the future.

Altered Carbon

aitv 3

(since 2018)

Dark, mysterious and a controversial plot is just the beginning of this rollercoaster of a series with twists and turns that will throw you out of your seats screaming in exhilaration. This is a series about a rich guy who hires a inhuman to solve his murder. Set on the background of Earth nearly after 300 years, its technology advancements are lucrative and this show on Netflix is definitely one to watch out for.

There are so many other good series and movies out there inculcating AI in their plot. With this the awareness and interest is definitely spreading along with enthusiasm rising amongst youngsters to pursue this genre.

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