How to Improve Signal Reception and Data Connectivity of Smartphone?

Hello readers, so we guess that there was always that time in our life when the signal or data connection just gave up on us, which would leave us without internet or signal mainly when we need it most.

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Today in this article we are going to write about a list of all the tips and tricks which will be helpful to get back your signal most of the time.

Turn flight mode On and Off

This is the simplest technique we recommend you to try before doing anything else

  • To turn on flight mode simply open control center on iPhone or pull down the quick settings on your android device.
  • Then tap on the flight mode icon once to turn it On.
  • Wait for 5Seconds and then turn it Off.
  • Normally you will be able to get your signal back using this method.

Reboot the phone

This is also another simple technique which might bring the signal back if it was gone due to some software issues

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To reboot the phone Long press the power button then click on the reboot button and confirm the reboot
After the reboot, you might be asked to enter the SIM password after which you signal will return.

Change the default network

This is a Complex technique But this might be an extremely good technique, using this technique we change the default network which would be most suitable for your carrier. For example, some carrier like Jio only runs on the 4G network so you need to change it accordingly.

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To Change this setting

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to SIM Card and Network Settings
  • Select the Desired SIM, it might be either on the 3 Dot Menu or Directly on the Screen
  • Then Click on Preferred Networks
  • Then try all the networks and select the one which gives the Signal
  • Note – For JIO it must be always set to 4G mode.

Reset the Network Settings

If none of the above works we can try resetting the Network Settings which might bring the signal back

To change this setting

  • Go to Settings
  • Then search for Reset WI-Fi, mobile, Bluetooth it will be something similar to this and will vary from phone to phone
  • Then Tap on reset settings
  • Confirm the action

And voila the signal will be back.

Contact your carrier

This is the last and final option if none of the above tips works, it would be better to call your carrier and elaborate them your problem.

Thanks for reading

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