Fuchsia OS Is Not a Myth


Google is working on an experimental OS since few years back. It remained shrouded in mystery, until recently, when Android and Chrome chief Hiroshi Lockheimer offered some insight into Fuchsia OS. As said, it is experimental in sense, it is intended to replace Android or Chrome OS or both. It is a universal OS meant to work on every type of devices. Fuchsia is an open-source project, similar to AOSP which will work on smartphones, laptops and even IoT devices. It runs on the new ‘zircon’ kernel developed by Google, a move-on from Linux to something new.

During a live recording Lockheimer said, “Fuchsia is about pushing the state of the art in terms of OS and things that we learn from Fuchsia we can incorporate into other products.” Fuchsia’s apps are written with Flutter, a software development kit allowing cross-platform development. With higher capabilities than Android, Fuchsia app run with 120 fps, high performance. Fuchsia has FAR file for app, similar to APK file in Android.

fuchsia on chromebook

We had not seen much of Fuchsia working in real life, around only two years ago a prototype was shown running Fuchsia user’s interface. Also reports of some dev tests of Fuchsia on Chromebooks and nebulous plans for a product development timetable were seen in last year. An official Fuchsia device is expected to be released in three to five years. The upcoming Google Home Hub (Nest Hub) may be one of the test devices for Fuchsia.

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