Top Apps Every PUBG Mobile Player Must use.

All PUBG Players want to become Pro PUBG Players and to have a lot of chicken dinners. So Today in this article we are going to talk about a list of best apps which every PUBG Mobile player must use to have an easy going chicken dinner.

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So Lets Gets Started,
The First app that every PUBG player must use is BAGT which is a Graphics Tweaking Tool for PUBG.

Battlegrounds Advanced Graphics Tool

Cover art

BAGT is developed by JD Ros for people who wants to fully customize and optimize graphics and get you more Chicken Dinners.

Ranging from midrange to flagship phones, this is the perfect tool for better gaming experience.

For Best result on Low End and High End devices we have created Two settings as Shown Below

The Settings on the left is for extremely low-end phones and the Right one is for High-end devices which don’t support HDR 60fps yet.

We tried the settings on the Right one on Redmi Note 7 a Snapdragon 660 Device and it run without any Hiccups so you can guesstimate how it will perform on your device.

Crosshair Hero

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Crosshair Hero is a small and lightweight tool that add a crosshair pointer overall apps, including your favourite FPS games, similar to other crosshair tools in PC.

Screenshot Image
Screenshot Image
Screenshot Image

With the help of this app, we will be able to drastically improve the no scope aim and will increase our chance of getting a chicken dinner.

Focusbot: Mute Notifications, Autoreply, Focus

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This is also a very useful app for all those PUBG players.
This app hides all notification and calls while you are playing PUBG therefore you will never get distracted while playing PUBG to increase your chance of a chicken dinner.

World is full of interruptions and requests from other people who are begging for your attention. However, you may be unavailable to answer them or are focusing on tasks at hand such as working, studying, or driving.

Based on what you tell us about you, Focusbot will text back to a missed call and text messages. Focusbot will also mute app notifications.

Screenshot Image
Screenshot Image
Screenshot Image

These Three apps will drastically increase your chance of winning a PUBG Match and get yourself a Chicken Dinner.

But Yes Play with care and Dont make it your addiction.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

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