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Best 10 MIUI Tips and Tricks (Part 1)

Hello Readers, In this article we are going to discuss some cool and unknown facts of MIUI 10.

I am always a Stock android person but recently I switched to a Redmi device therefore I am obviously stuck with MIUI.

To my Surprise I did like it a Bit and There are a Lot of cool features which we all might like.

So lets Start

In-Built Screen Recording

The redmi phones come with an in built screen recording app you can just find it in the screen or in the app drawer depending on the device you use.

Then you can click on the record option which will show a floating window and on clicking that you will be able to record screen at high quality with sound on MIUI.

Raise to wake and Unlock

This feature in MIUI helps you to easily unlock the phone just by raising it up from a flat surface or just by pulling it out from your pocket

To enable this feature Go to Settings -> Lock Screen & Password -> Add Face Data

After Adding Face Data Go to Setting -> Display and enable Raise To Wake.

After Doing this if you are in a sufficiently lit environment and we raise the phone from table of pull it out from our pocket,it will automatically light up and scan your face and if it matches the phone will automatically unlock.
Futuristic Right.

Uninstall Multiple Apps at Once

So this is also a very useful feature with the help of which you will you have be easily able to remove multiple apps at once,this is especially useful when you want to remove the Mi Apps which are not necessary.

To remove multiple apps at once go to settings -> Installed Apps -> Uninstall

Then click on all the apps you want to uninstall and then press uninstall at the bottom,this feature will remove all the apps you selected at once.

Use 3 Finger to take screenshots

This is also an extremely useful feature, with the help of this feature you can easily take screenshots just by swiping 3 finger on the screen.

This technique of taking screenshots is quite easy as compared to the volume + power button method technique.

To Enable this feature Go to Settings -> Additional Settings ->Button & Gesture Shortcuts -> Take a screenshot

and then set the value to Slide 3 fingers down.

afterwards you will be able to take screenshots just by sliding down the screen.

These are few of the useful and less known features i have found in MIUI yet.We will be continuing this series as and when we found important or unknown tips and tricks.

Thanks for reading

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