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Revealing the Future Retailing With Realities!

Augmented Reality (AR) is just one of those technologies,one that is going to take a central stage. the powerful combo of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence(AI) will bring the future closer to our fingertips.

Augmented reality in retail shops is transforming the shopping experience bringing the future closer.In the next 10 years,retail shopping is going to change more than it has in the history of retail.Stores will be like websites and websites will be like stores.Several emerging technologies are going to play a paramount role in shaping the way people experience shopping.

Half of the people would be familiar with the film MINORITY REPORT, a film that predicts the future with surprising precision.This includes the future of retail using Augmented Reality. The film released 15 years before predicted the shopping that may take place after 15 years. A hat tip to the film maker! Retail shopping is going to be much like the Minority Report Gap store scene. In fact, some world class retailers have already adopted AR technology.


Oak labs developed the oak mirror,an Augmented Reality interactive display.The Oak mirror is an intuitive touch screen mirror that creates magical customer experiences,seamlessly connects associates to clients,and also collects unprecedented insights for retailers.

When you come into an Oak fitting room the mirror comes alive as it is activated via sensors showing all the items you took with you.This is possible through RFID product recognition technology.Using the display, you can request other color,different size, or similar items.

A sale assistant will receive your request on his iPad and deliver the items to you.The technology uses big data and the store associated app and it can also show popular similar items that were bought by other customers. The stores can use this technology to the average time in the fitting room and also to know what items have the most commercial rate.


Smart mirrors also known as smart displays or digital mirrors.They use Artificial Intelligence,Augmented reality,and gesture recognition technology.Through the combination of these technologies,smart mirrors can suspense clothing on your own image making fitting rooms a thing of the past.

The mirror becomes a virtual changing room allowing you to change outfits in a matter of seconds. Without going through the trouble of getting to get undressed, you can try dozens of different combinations in a fraction of time it would take you to change clothes physically. You can even share your picture on social media to show off your new look or to ask your friends for advice, or just as a way of storing an item you like in the future.


Neiman Marcus installed 58 MemoMi Labs Digital Mirrors in 34 Neiman Marcus locations in 2017.The luxury retailer also installed MemoMi sun glass mirrors in partnership with Luxottica,the eye wear company. MemoMi is the company behind the creation of the Memory Mirror,an award-winning Digital Mirror platform that has revolutionized the way people shop today and the luxury shopping market. MemoMi was founded by Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky,who is also the CEO of the company. Vilcovsky is an inventor who holds 20 patents.

By using a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality customers can virtually try on products such as clothing, eyewear,footwear,accessories,and makeup in a realtime wihtout going through the inconvenience of the actual try on experience. The dreamy dressing room MemoMi combines a full length mirror with 70 inch LCD, computer, and an HD camera that records eight second videos.Who wouldnot love to have one of these at home? Extended benefits of the digital Mirror include that the customer can capture try-on sessions that can be saved,shared and reviewd later on.

Luxittica,LVMH,L’Oreal,Sephora,Finish line,Uniqlo are some of the companies that have joined Neiman Marcus in adopting this fascinating technology that is changing the retail experience forever.

This digital retail fever takes a few years to get spread over the world and bring them to use.These technologies are totally safe and doesnot misuse your personal details and pictures. Welcome the digital shopping for now!

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