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Top 5 File And Folder Lock tools for Windows 10

In today’s world most of our data is stored in digital form.Some of the data stored in digital form is confidential and is needed to be secured in a proper manner. If such data goes in wrong hands then huge loss may be incurred by an Individual. So today Tech Infinite brings to you some of the best software and tools that you may use to protect your Confidential Data.

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Folder Lock by is one of the best file security application for Windows 10 that allows a number of features to password-protect files, folders. It is a great security app that lets you encrypt your important files conveniently, backup files in real-time, protect portable drives, shred files & drives ,clean history and partitioning drives on your Windows computer .It has received positive reviews from users due to it’s simple User Interface. It supports 256-bit AES encryption, online backup of encrypted files, locker, uninstall protection, and many other security options that no one can easily hack the software. It also has feature of protecting E-mail Attachments and external storage devices like CDs and USBs.

But to use this Software you should keep in mind that it is not a freeware and comes with a trial period of 30 days after which it requires you to purchase the product at $39.95.

Folder Lock windows 10
Folder Lock windows 10

2.Protected Folder

It is a file and folder protection software used developed by IObit which is used for easily locking files and folders in windows. The security Application supports three lock options, hide, deny access to reading, and deny using the write access.One can enable or disable the lock options from the menu.It supports minimal security tools but is a good alternative for light usage.

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source : File Horse

3. 7 ZIP

7 ZIP originally is a freeware file archiver application which is used for compressing files and folders along with authentication of password.It is a good lock tool for small files and small folders.
It offers strong AES-256 and ZipCrypto encryption in ZIP and 7Z formats.So it has a strong encryption and it is very difficult to crack.
You can download this tool from the official 7 ZIP website.

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Lock A folder is a light-weight encryption software with simple User Interface.It occupies minimal disk size and is useful for simple uses.It helps to hide or lock private files and folders in Windows PC.It blocks unauthorized access to your files and folders.To protect the files and folders you need to create a master password.Another benefit in this software is that it requires master password to uninstall this software.

You can download it here-

best folder locker windows 1.1

5.dCrypt X

Mentioning Software for Windows 10 will be incomplete without mentioning a UWP App.dCrypt X is one of the most popular software for file encryption used in Windows 10.It offers many features for file encryption to the User.It uses the SnowFrost Engine cryptography to encrypt and protect User Privacy and Confidential Data.Another unique feature for this application which separates from other software is that it gives a feature of choosing which Users can access the protected encrypted files.

it is not Freeware and can be purchased at a price of 7.99$.

dcrypt x locker windows 10

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