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Exploring Transhumanism With Artificial Intelligence

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The general definition of transhumanism is that the humans can progress beyond its current physical and mental limitations by the means of science and technology.

While combining Artificial Intelligence with Transhumanism we obtain another meaning which states that transhumanism is an international philosophical movement that aims at transformation of human race with widely available, sophisticated technology that helps enhance human’s intellect and physiology.

At this year’s MWC, one of the experts predicted that Artificial Intelligence could figure out how to make a human live forever. With the help of AI and ML we can definitely enhance the living experience of humans but now there is chatter of advancing in transhumanism.

With AI helping in predicting various diseases which weren’t detectable earlier and it’s contribution to cancer treatment, it is achieving transhumanism already.

CRISPR gene editing is something that can eliminate disorders prior to birth like muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and even cancer among many others. There has been significant use of machine learning in CRISPR gene editing by using ML to predict the error which may occur during the process and hence lessen the risk of damaging the subject.

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Another area in which Artificial Intelligence along with Machine Learning will sponsor transhumanism is artificial limbs. Artificial limbs go beyond the limitations of a natural limb and in future, a human with artificial leg will win against a natural leg in a race. With enhanced vision and superhuman strength, everyone without an AI featured limb will seem dull and that’s where the world is heading. The differently abled will be the ones enjoying the most of the transhumanism.

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There are still some advanced features offered by AI for transhumanism with which it can bring significant change but they are unaffordable to most of the rich people, but not Jeff Bezos maybe.

These features relate to brain and stimulating the brain. Though it is a risky area to work upon as there are still many aspects of brain left undiscovered and we do not have the complete knowledge of the working of the brain. But some reports suggest that AI and ML combined can be taught to help with the research.

There are talks about preserving the human body, to be revived later after many years and storing all the data in the brain into a device for future use. One technology was in talks in the MWC, which was storing the brain of the scientist’s father into a machine and merging AI to the machine for creating an essence of his father after his death.

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So many options for mutations and enhancement to the body makes us believe that we will definitely see some advancing in transhumanism in the coming years.

Vladamir putin has said that in future whichever country will have a strong hold and command over Artificial Intelligence will be the most powerful.

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