Tesla refreshes Model S & Model X

Tesla is reintroducing the standard models of Model S and Model X with shorter driving ranges offering customers with more affordable options for companies vehicle.

Tesla Sx

According to the sources familiar with this matter, Tesla started including references to the new motors for Model S and Model X in recent software updates. Tesla also said that it has extended the range of its Model S and Model X vehicles to 370 miles and 325 miles respectively on a single charge i.e., extending the range of its flagship car to make the trip from Los Angeles (LA) to San Francisco (SF) on a single charge, which means the whole Model S & Model X segment is boosted with the battery and the power to meet it’s new demand.

With the Model S and Model X, Tesla has been using AC induction electric motors for years, but the company switched to permanent magnet electric motors. Upgrading the motors with the existing battery packs could boost up to some new additional miles of range to Model S and Model X.

Company also made some other changes in the vehicles which includes the lubrication of suspension and mechansim, cooling system, new powerful bearings, and few advancement in gear designs, as well as a fully adaptive air suspension that will respond to both the road conditions and the driving style, making the drive smooth. Tesla said that it is also better at keeping the car low on ground and stable while cruising to cut down on wind resistance which means some good spoilers are also there. Also a new tyre (tire) designs for certain variants is introduced.

The Standard Range option available with a lower battery capacity for a lower price is back, while the existing owners of a Model S and Model X who get a new performance, one can add the $20,000 Ludicrous Mode option for free exclusively.

Tesla s and x

Tesla reported a record decline in number of delivery for the first quarter and these new offerings will essentially give customers a discount as electric cars will make a boost on it’s sales numbers.

Musk has also told us that he does not expect to be profitable in this quarter. What do you think of the refreshment in the Model S and Model X? Let us know in the comments below.

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