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Walmart Unveils an AI Powered Store

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It is truly an era where machines are not just simple things that we use daily but a combination of complex processes which has enhanced user experience to a higher level with advanced features.

After Amazon Go, now Walmart is next in line for advancing in technology used in their stores. Earlier today Walmart situated in Levittown, New York, announced its AI powered store. This new technology not only gives higher quality customer but also a higher quality employee experience.

Intelligent Retail Lab, the name given to this store holds true for its functions. With cameras mounted on ceiling, the store will be able to track the inventory of the complete Walmart. While Amazon Go did create some stir, this has way larger implementation with this particular Walmart being 50,000 square feet and having over 100 employees.

Although Walmart isn’t equipped with the grab and go system yet, this new technology will monitor the products, and their expiry dates. It will notify the employees when a particular product needs to be stocked and how much of it needs to be restocked. In fact, this AI technology may also be able to detect spills.

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With AI monitoring the shelfs, the customers will be assured that their product will always remain fresh. The employees won’t have to run in between the retail timing to restock as it will tally the product usage and inform how much of what is needed before the door opens for daily use.

Isn’t this amazing? With Walmart also encapsulating the usage of AI, other retails stores may also be compelled to join in to the market.

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One more interesting fact about this Walmart is, it offers a help desk for people who want to know more about the technology in use. With 1.6TB of data being generated per second, the store keeps its data centre on display to the public in enclosed glass bathed with blue light. This is what makes it so unique and interesting.      

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