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Google Glass : A Next Generation Device.

Probably, you got the question in your mind while reading the title that what Google glass exactly is? So Tech Infinite going to break your curiousity and pointing right to the answer,

Google Glass is a variant of smart glasses manufactured by Google. It is developed by X a subsidiary department of Google . It is an optical head-mounted display designed in the shape of a pair of eyeglasses. It’s main task is to achieve Ubiquitous Computing by expanding the use of existing technologies in different devices. Google Glass displays information in a smartphone-like, hands-free format. Wearers communicates using the Internet by use of Natural Language Processing.

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It was developed under Project Glass, A Research and Development program to an augmented reality Head Mounted Display. It’s main vision was to create wearable computers with the help of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

It has a User Friendly Interface and can perform a number of functions like taking pictures, recording videos, tracking routes using inbuilt GPS Systems, answering user queries and translating user’s voice into another languages. Third party applications can easily be installed in Google Glass. It uses many utility applications like Google Now, Google Maps, Google+ and Gmail. By pairing phone to Google Glass we can easily place and receive phone calls and SMS through it. A major advantage of this product is the way it gonna assist and transform the lives of physically challenged people.It helps in communication and assists in performing functions for physically challenged people.

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Brain Power is an application developed for Google Glass by Brain Power, LLC, which is a neuroscience technology company located in Cambridge, MA. It is a software that transformed Google Glass into the world’s first wearable AI system for autism. It allowed patients of autism to teach
themselves life skills crucial to self-dependency, e.g. emotion decoding, eye contact, language, social engagement, conversation skills, control of behaviors, etc. 

Google glass A Game changer for children with Autism ASD
Google glass A Game changer for children with Autism ASD
Autism 3
Children suffering with Autism using Google Glass

Google Glass has a wide variety of applications int the field of Medical Science like allowing physicians to live stream the patient’s visit,Acquiring Image of a patient’s retina,providing assistance and broadcasting the live surgical procedure and in Lactation Consultation for Mothers.In simple words it makes life easier by bringing Technological Revolutions and takes communication to the next future level.

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Technical Specifications of Google Glass

With so many functionalities Google Glass provides ease and convenience to user as the modern technology used today is longer confined to a LED Screen or in the grasp of Palm of hands.It acts a filter for humans to visualize the outside world and performs functions by using features like Recapitulation and Perceivingness. .

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Google Glass uses different technologies like :

  • Wearable Computing
  • Ambient Intelligence
  • Smart Clothing
  • Eye Tap Technology
  • Smart Grid Technology
  • Android Technology
  • Augmented Reality
Anatomy of Google Glass

Hardware Used are-

  • Video Display
  • Camera
  • Speaker
  • Touch pad
  • Microphone
Google Glass with structure labels
Google Glass with structure labels

Google Glass is available at a price of $1,500 or ₹80,000 in India and is available for application developers and creative individuals.

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