Google Helps Authorities Recognize Devices Near Crime Scenes Using Location History.

We already discussed about the fact that Google tracks us everywhere, even if we had disabled Google’s location history feature and from now Google can also share our Location history data with the Federal authorities if asked in any criminal investigation. Google apps such as “Google Map” or daily weather allows the tech giant to continuously collect our precise location.

It should be noted that Google will not share personal information of all users. Firstly, it asks the police authority to analyze the location history of all users and sort the list of some selected users to receive their names, email and other personal data from Google.

A report from “The New York Times” reveal that Google keeps a database known as “Sensorvault” contains a point by point area records of a huge number of mobile phones around the globe and share data to the authorities to help to solve the criminal cases.

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As indicated by a few unnamed Google workers referred to in the report, such demands to plunge into Google’s “Sensorvault” database have spiked over the most recent a half year.


To seek the data or information from Google, authorities need to get an alleged “geofence” warrant.

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Following are the step by step procedure of how Google share the location data when legally required by any authority:

1. Authorities reaches out to Google with “geofence” warrant to get the cell phones that are present around the crime scene.

 2. After receiving the warrant, Google collects the information from its “Sensorvault” database and send it to investigators with each device identified with unique ID.

3. Investigators now review the data and look for an example of such devices near to the crime scene and now sort out the list of some devices that are relevant to the crime scene.

 4. Finally, Google reveals the real name, email and other personal data associated with the device.

So, the verdict is that it will be more easy for Authorities to solve the criminal cases with the help of Google. Here, we introduced you with the Sensorvault database by Google that It is keeping track of your location history.

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