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Huawei Freelace Earphones, Hit or miss?

Have you ever been frustrated while charging your wireless bluetooth device. Well Huawei has a solution for you. A little while ago, Huawei launched P30 and P30 Pro smartphone which broke many records in the smartphone industry especially in the camera department. The main focus is to be the supespectrum camera and the periscope camera but we are not here to talk about them instead we are talking about its newly launched earphones which Huawei is calling freelace earphones.

The most interesting thing about them is that the earphone can be pull apart to show type-c port which can be then inserted into your phone to charge a device. The earphone feels of very high quality and are made from silicon. They also include memory from earbuds which can be adjusted to any ear size. Huawei offers 18 hours of playtime while 12 hours of call time which is very good considering the size of the earphone.

The earphone is of neckband style and have two portions each on the either side of the earphones. On is for controlling the playback of the earphone such as play-pause, skip forward-backward and the other on include a battery and Type-C cable. The earphone powers on 40watt.

It comes in four colors, graphite black, amber sunrise, emerald green and moonlight silver. The audio in the earphones is provided by 9.2mm titanium plated drivers which result in solid audio for anyone and works good as a workout earbud.


The design almost mimics that of beats X earbuds that bear the beats by dremoniker but unlike beats X, the huawei freelace earphones are designed by USB-C devices in mind. These earphones price has been set at 99 Euros which is roughly around Rs. 7,700 in Indian Market. You can order this earphone in selected countries.

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