Huawei P30 Pro: Rewriting The Rules Of Photography

Huawei has been in talks for a long time now and it is coming up as a recognized brand. It has released the successor to its P20 pro, the P30 pro. Its rumoured to be a true competitor to the Samsung’s Galaxy S10+.

This smartphone has reached awesomeness in the area of photography. It has four back cameras and one front camera. The back cameras have different names.

 First one is called the Superspectrum. This camera has f1.6 with OIS and is 40mp. Its unique because is has a RYB pattern instead of the regular RGB pattern for colour filter in front of the 40mp sensor which means it gets hit with 40% more light and thus makes it more light sensitive.

Second camera is the Ultra-wide camera with 20mp having f2.2 aperture. This enables a view of more than 120ﹾ.

Third is the TOF that is the time of flight which is for depth information.

Fourth back camera is the telephoto camera. It has f3.4 with OIS and has 8mp. It is called the Periscope zoom lens because of its peculiar structure just like a periscope.

The front camera is 32mp which is pretty decent. This quad camera setup provides a 10x hybrid zoom but with its AI machine learning feature it can go upto 50x zoom with utmost clarity and the hand tracing is pretty fast and precise. Huawei P30 pro also has the best night mode camera out of all the high brand smartphones out there.

This features rounds up to a complete and advanced camera system which validates the phrase  ‘Changing rules of photography’ which can shoot at any situation.

Now its design is also pretty impressive with beautiful colours and glass on back. Its equipped with a curve design for its frame and has minimal notch. For fingerprint sensor it uses an optical sensor which is not as secure as a 3D sensor but its faster in the response along with being consistent.

With the AI machine learning facility, it learns the behaviour of the user and gets even faster with time.

Huawei P30 pro has Kirin 980 which is the world’s first 7nm mobile process chipset. It is both strong in performance and uses low consumption of power. Which results in insane battery life. This smartphone can be charged both wirelessly and with wire. It also facilitates reverse charging.

It is also equipped with high tech cooling solution which gets the heat away from the cpu, camera and the whole device in general.

With 8GB RAM and 128GB memory storage P30 pro has 4200mAh battery and it is also Ip68 certified.

The only drawback is that it doesn’t have a headphone jack and the display is a little problematic in some regions due to the curve design. Also, the in-built Instagram app doesn’t support uploading videos in 4K.

But all in all, a great smartphone and a one to look out for. With certain polishing it could be an A-grade device.

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